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Friday, 14 February 2014


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  • "I have been reading your blog from many many years first from Greece, now from Switzerland but have never commented until now. I've always had this love for Paris and everything french and reading you has become a habit I cherish."
  • "I have enjoyed this blog more than you'll ever know - it has pushed me to be bolder in my life and to keep trying things to move out of the rut I'm in. (And to study French!)"
  • "Lovely reading on a Saturday morning in Ohio as I sit here with my coffee, reading my all-time favorite blog."
  • "I recently found your blog and have become addicted. I'm turning 40 in January and you are inspirational!"
  • "I have spent the last three days reading your entire blog. I laughed, I cried. Thank you for a great three days."
  • "What a lovely gift you have for writing! This post will make me smile all day. Ah love!!"
  • "You have a way of describing your life and the things you are doing there that really draws the reader in."
  • "ooooh.... lucky you... you get hate mail. You have obviously made it!"
  • "I stop by almost daily to read your blog. It's like checking in with an old friend to see how their day went."
  • "You make me love Paris even more than I already do..."
  • "I'm reading this post at my office on a floor of open work cubicles, laughing hysterically..."
  • "You summed up Paris perfection perfectly."
  • "I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the podcast... you should be a radio announcer."
  • "This is better than reality TV!"
  • "I'm on the edge of my seat, reading this in my office!"

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