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On My Way to a Million Visitors!


When I hit my 40s and found myself labeled "Over 40 and Still Single", I decided to create a different sort of life for myself. I was tired of living on the fringes of other people's lives, always the daughter, sister, best friend, granddaughter, neighbor, but bored out of my mind and tired of regretting what I wasn't doing.

I decided to move to Paris. Everyone thought I was crazy, or at least full of crap. For a while, I planned it and talked about it. Then I finally DID it at, the age of 45. I sold most of everything I owned, put the rest in storage, packed my suitcases, rented an apartment and got on the plane. Voila!

And Paris proved to be the perfect fit for me, the place where I am at my best and where I can be my complete self. When people would ask me how long I was planning to stay, I'd reply, "As long as I'm still having the time of my life." I'd waited 45 years to get here, so I was in no hurry to leave.

A year later, out of the blue, I met him here in Paris: THE Guy, and a FRENCH guy no less. The Coup de Foudre/Love at First Sight. The One Worth Waiting All That Time For. My Georges. We were married on July 12, 2008 -- my first marriage at age 47, and the LAST marriage for both of us. And Paris is now my home: me, him and his three kids, together in a quiet little apartment with a great view, just next door to Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.

In August 2013, just after our 5th wedding anniversary, I also became a French citizen, and now hold dual US-French nationality; another dream achieved!

Sometimes even I can't believe how my life has worked out. It's like a movie. And yes, I'm writing a book about it. Stay tuned.

In 2006, I finished my first book: "The Writing Coach's Guide to FINALLY Writing Your Book!", and in October 2007 it became available as a paperback (see the picture in the sidebar? That's it.) This book is for everyone who has ever thought of writing a book but doesn't know where to start and what to do. It's written from my perspective as a trained life coach, someone who has coached hundreds of people around the world to achieve a wide variety of personal and professional goals -- and in this book I apply that same coaching philosophy to provide would-be authors with a step-by-step program they can follow as they work on writing their first book. Check it out via my website and buy a copy! And no, that's not a picture of ME on the book cover.

As of Autumn 2013, I have completed the manuscript on my second book, a memoir of how I took the leap and came to Paris at mid-life. Now looking for the right agent and publisher, and hope to have it on bookstore shelves (real or virtual) in 2014! Already working on a sequel to this memoir, as well as a novel based on my late grandmother's 1956 travel diary, and an essay collection of the experiences of ex-pats living in France.

You can write to me here: Lisa (at) LisaTaylorHuff (dot) com.

[Updated: September 2013]


Everything French: Paris, French style, French food, French culture & language -- I really think I must have been French in a previous life; travel and more travel; art museums; music, especially classical and jazz; dogs; books that make me think and feel, that take me to another time or place; being around water -- beach, bayside, pool, lake, or river; movies: romantic comedies, the classic old movies, and foreign films; a good bottle of wine; and spending time with people (and especially the man) I love.